Saturday, March 30, 2013

Crystal Cox Extortion Allegations by Big Media, an Email out of Context. "They" have painted me in false light to discredit "Citizen Journalist", Bloggers as Media.

This eMail below, given to the New York Times, Forbes and others by Obsidian Plaintiff Kevin D. Padrick and by David S. Aman, Opposing Counsel, Tonkon Torp, was SENT to the New York Times in "Whistle Blower Retaliation" of Blogger Crystal Cox for exposing Tonkon Torp and Obsidian Finance for their action in the Summit Bankruptcy.

David Aman sent this eMail AFTER he already got a 2.5 Million Dollar Judgment against Blogger Crystal Cox, because a Portland Oregon Judge Said that the First Amendment did not APPLY to Blogger Crystal Cox. Nor did Oregon Retraction Laws, Why?

The eMail Below was sent January 19th, 2011, AFTER a threat of a Lawsuit was sent in a December of 2010, and AFTER a 10 Million Dollar lawsuit was filed against me, Blogger Crystal Cox. It was a "REPLY" eMail to a legal threat.

This "part" of one eMail out of a series of five, was a private negotiation between Blogger Crystal Cox, me, in my Pro Se Capacity and Opposing Counsel, it was a "Settlement Communication", a "Settlement Negotiation".

It was an offer as to what I was willing to do to prevent legal action, I offered this ONE, they offered me 8 and forced a 9th offer on me.

Keep in Mind FOCUS, it is Opposing Counsel, David Aman that this eMail is to, and he is one of those I was exposing in a $40 Million Dollar Bankruptcy Case.  David Aman gave this email to the New York Times, Seattle Weekly, and Forbes AFTER he already won a $2.5 Million Dollar Judgment AGAINST me.

Also NOTE, Forbes did not ask me about this eMail and they know it is false, yet keep it on their sites and blogs.

A Few Research Links examining what "Big Media" and a Rogue, Defaming Tonkon Torp Lawyer deems as Extortion yet has filed no criminal complaint.

Also note that the other Attorney accusing me of Extortion in MEDIA but not in a criminal complaint is Marc J. Randazza, who was acting as my attorney and negotiating on my alleged behalf with attorney David S. Aman.

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